Ulrike Rudolph

Englisch / Jugendliche ab 13 Jahren und Fortgeschrittene

“Isn’t that funny?“ Three fair-haired girls with sunburnt faces stood at the edge of the Looe harbour pier. They giggled and pointed down at the Robinsons‘ sailing boat when fifteen-year-old Zoe rounded the corner of the harbour office.

Zoe sighed. She knew only too well what the girls were laughing about and she would have joined in if it hadn’t been her task to take care of the unhappy victim of the mockery: Isaboo, the Robinsons’ little pug dog. She moved around on the deck, looking like an inflated yellow rubber boat on legs which seemed too short and too bent to keep her balance.

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“Shush …“ Two grown-ups, blond as their daughters, moved forward and tried to quieten the kids down. But the very moment they came close enough to look onto the deck they started laughing too. 

“That is too cute,“ the woman said, “A life jacket for a tiny dog. I’ve never seen such a thing before!“

Her husband nodded with a grin. “I always thought dogs could swim. Or can’t they?“

Zoe’s face turned red. It was too embarrassing to take on responsibility for Isaboo in her safety device. But Zoe had no time to wait until the tourists left. She was due to meet Justin in just half an hour, at the junction of Huntington Road and Polperro Road, to go to the cinema later on.

“Excuse me, may I …?“ She squeezed herself through the tourist family and called Isaboo’s name. The dog put her paws onto the rail and started squealing with glee.

Zoe jumped down onto the deck, which was not easy as the boat was already leaning to one side. When she had got her sea legs she looked over the Looe River to the opposite bank. The ferry had already stopped running for the day. Low tide was coming. 

Within the next ten minutes the river would dry out and all the boats would lie on their sides like beached whales.

Mrs Robinson appeared from the inside. “There you are, dear. Sorry for calling you at such short notice. We’re going to see the mayor for dinner at the Riverboat Inn. Isaboo can’t come with us.“

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“No problem,“ Zoe replied, “I’ll see her home by 9, is that okay?“

Mr Robinson joined them. “Perfect, dear. Take this.“ He put a five pound note in Zoe’s hand with a smile. 

“Don’t take her life jacket off and avoid the Red Pirate’s Inn. Dripping Dan is still after our little sunshine.“ Mrs Robinson kissed the dog’s grey snout. “By the way, the Looe bridge is still closed, so there is no way to get to the other side, just in case you wanted to go for a walk over there.“ 

“Sure,“ Zoe said and put Isaboo down on the pier. The tourists were still laughing and giggling, but they were interrupted by a trembling female voice. “There is nothing funny about wearing life jacket! They can save lives! If my husband – God bless him – had worn one in that terrible storm six years ago he might still be alive.“ Old Mrs Trevellian had not only lost her husband. Her dog, an Irish setter with a friendly face, had died only 4 weeks ago. 

“It’s okay,“ Zoe said. “Those landlubbers don’t know what’s good for them.“ She left with Isaboo through the narrow harbour lanes, stopped by the bakery, tied Isaboo up in front of the shop and went in to get a pasty for the cinema. Justin would be hungry. And so would she.

“Dogsitting again?“ The salesgirl asked. 

Zoe nodded. “Easy money…“ 

“What you need for a boyfriend who is always short of cash,“ the girl replied with a malicious grin.

Dopey cow, Zoe thought leaving the shop. The salesgirl was one of Justin’s former girlfriends. When Zoe turned to untie the dog – Isaboo was gone. Not even her leash or collar was left. 

Zoe gasped. Why had she stopped for that stupid pasty and left Isaboo alone? Zoe ran up the lane and down again. No sign of Isaboo. Somebody must have taken her! 

What can I do? She thought and looked at her watch. Justin! He would know! Zoe rushed to their meeting point. But there was no Justin. Although she was five minutes late. Panic-stricken, she dialled Justin’s phone number. He answered at once. 

“Where are you? I need your help! Isaboo is gone.“ Zoe shrieked.

“Stop, slowly, Zoe. Where the heck are you?“ Justin asked. “I’m waiting!“

“But where?“

“At the corner of Huntington Street and Polperro Road, as arranged!“

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Sie haben unterschiedliche Uhrzeiten abgemacht.
Sie haben sich verschiedene Treffpunkte notiert.
Sie haben sich für unterschiedliche Tage verabredet.

“Oh my Gosh, what a mess! You are on the wrong side! You didn’t really think about going to the cinema, did you?“ Why was Justin doing this to her? But this was not the moment to think about Justin. Zoe swallowed her doubts. “Isaboo is gone, kidnapped perhaps! What can I do?“

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Zoe has her doubts about Justin’s intentions,
Isaboo is gone,
The Robinsons pay Zoe for her dogsitting,

“Dognapped you mean? Go and tell the Robinsons. They can call the police,“ Justin said. “And call me when you have found the dog.“

Five minutes later the Robinsons stared at Zoe in front of the posh restaurant.

“Is it possible that your boyfriend took her, just as a joke? And that he is waiting for you at your meeting point?“ Mr. Robinson asked.

“No way,“ Zoe replied.

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Warum kann Justin Isaboo nicht gedognapped haben?
Wähle eine der vorgegebenen Antworten aus.

Weil er eine Hundeallergie hat.
Weil er gerade arbeitet und keine Zeit hat.
Weil er auf der falschen Seite des Flusses ist.

Mrs. Robinson frowned. “Have you seen the innkeeper of the Red Pirate’s Inn today? Maybe he – well …“

Mr Robinson took over: “You mean, he took her for Dripping Dan? That would be …“

“No,“ Zoe said. “We haven’t seen him. But I’ll go and check on that. And I’ll be back soon.“

“Good,“ Mr Robinson said and directed his wife towards the restaurant entrance. ”Come back as soon as possible. We’ll call the police then if necessary. We have to go back, the Lord Mayor doesn’t like to be kept waiting.“

Zoe ran along the pier and into the road where the Red Pirate’s Inn was located. There was a fenced garden at the back of the building. The owner kept Dripping Dan there in a kennel.

Zoe crept around the inn without being noticed by the owner and climbed onto a dustbin at the end of the fence. She was sure Dripping Dan was not there as the yard remained quiet. And she was right. The kennel was deserted. Zoe jumped from the dustbin.

“That’s unusual,“ she murmured, “Dan’s always there when the pub is open.“ She walked along the fence and found the gate open. Had the innkeeper forgotten to close it properly? Had Dan escaped? Or had he been dognapped just like Isaboo? But who would dognap such an ugly bulldog as Dan?

Zoe only had to think about this question for a second. She could imagine only one person who might have seen something, because that person watched everybody and everything in Looe. Moreover, it was a person with an outstanding liking for dogs: old Mrs Trevellian.

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The father tried to quieten the kids
Isaboo put her paws
the rail.
Justin was always short

Zoe rushed up the steep hill at the end of the harbour pier. The hedge around the old lady’s garden was high, but as Zoe moved into the drive she saw the fat back of Dripping Dan. He was looking up at the front door as if expecting Mrs Trevellian to offer him a sausage.

Zoe hurried up to the door and rang the bell. Behind the door she heard a familiar sound. And when the old lady opened, a yellow rubber boat squeezed outside and jumped up Zoe’s legs.

She bent forward to fondle the dog. But before she could reach her, Isaboo had spotted Dripping Dan and ran towards him. Both dogs jumped up, danced around in circles, pushed each other with their snouts. These two were having fun, that was obvious.

Mrs Trevellian cleared her throat. “I … I’m terribly sorry. She looked so lonely outside the bakery. I … just wanted to cheer her up. And apparently Dripping Dan felt lonesome as well. He must have followed us. Or rather, Isaboo.“

“Well, she doesn’t look too lonesome now, does she?“ Zoe replied with a smile. She took her mobile phone out, dialled the Robinsons’ number and said: “I have found her. It’s all about loneliness. But Isaboo is fine. And Dripping Dan too.“

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